To Online Business Owners & Entrepreneurs:
Your OWN Email List Is Your MOST Valuable Asset.

If you are ready to start building your list or need help with your sales funnel, let's talk.


Three Direct Response Mediums

To build your list, you need to use the necessary tools and mediums at your disposal, such as:

Email Marketing

Email Marketing keeps your audience engaged and your brand top-of-mind. It is more personal and more importantly: you own your list unlike social media.

Sales/Landing Page

For people to sign-up to your newsletter, or download a lead magnet, you need a landing page that clearly demonstrates the benefits of your offer.

Small Ads

On X/Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn to drive traffic to your landing page, sales pages, or marketing site.


Why Your Email List Is Your Greatest Asset

The following six reasons are why building your list can be very profitable:

Email Has The Best ROI of any digital medium

For every $1 invested you can receive a return of an average of $36 to $42--making it the most effective digital marketing medium.

Ease Of Communication

Emails are quick and easy to send. Landing pages are always running 24/7 and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

Customer Retention

It is well known that the best customers are those who have bought from you before.

Save Time & Money

Setting up workflows based on triggers and utilizing automations gives you more time to focus on your product, service and offer.

Own Your List

No one can take your list away, shut it down or delete it--unlike social media.

More Flexibility

Emails can be changed to suit your needs, announce a new offer, or keep your customers in the loop and top of mind.

Not Sure If Building An Email List Is Right For Your Business?

4 common objections when it comes to building a list

It takes too long

True building a list can take time, but this is a good thing. Why? Because you can improve as you go, get feedback from real people. You want a quality list over a large list. People who will actually buy rather than an army of window-shoppers.

It is too expensive

There is a saying: the one who spends the most to obtain a customer wins. I think Dan Kennedy may have originated it. In any case, the more money spent on building your list improves the quality of the list and ultimately the longetivty of your business. Plus you make your money back and then some!

There are too many variables involved

Emails can be very effective but building a list involves an entire sales funnel. It makes sense to utilize every tool at your disposal to build a long lasting and profitable business. Once you know what is involved, it is just a matter of setting it up once.

I don't have the time to write and set up automations

Using AI is one option but it lacks a personal touch such as stories only you can tell. A good Email Service Provider like Substack, MailerLite, Beehiiv, and ConvertKit make it easy to set up automations based on user behaviour.

Test Campaigns

Eliminate Guesswork with Test Campaigns

How Testing Helps

With little to no cost, a test campaign gives you real data to work with

Understand your customer and work backwards

What are their hopes, dreams, desires, and motivations?

Find the right sales message

Crafting a sales message requires nuance and paying attention to the market

Monitor Performance using data analytics

Scientific advertising depends on closely montoring metrics like open rates, click through rates, etc.

The Power of Sales Letters

A single letter can be adapted to several mediums such as webpages, email, direct messaging, and even video.

Write to ONE, sell to MILLIONS

A direct response medium that speaks directly to your target audience

Make your OFFER impossible to resist

By clearly describing the benefits, and going after emotions, your prospects are more likely to act

A good sales letter can be reused indefinitely

Finding the right appeal means you have struck a responsive chord

Small Ads Drive Traffic To Your Offers

Posting on several social media platforms (X/Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.), multiple times a day generates traffic and leads to your site or landing page.

Test Headlines and Appeals

Using data analysis, you can measure which appeals are proving to be the most profitable, thus reducing guesswork.

Generate Leads

Since ads are clickable, you can direct the traffic to a specific page, your official site, or a landing page.

Distribute FREE samples and literature

Sampling is still a great way to increase engagement. Info products build trust with your brand.

Direct Response Email Marketing

With little to no cost, a test campaign gives you real data to work with

Personalize and Customize your emails

Though not always possible, using customer names has shown to increase conversions by __% because it feels more authentic and personal

Email sequences

Welcome sequences, abandoned cart, lead nurturing all help in staying top of mind and build rapport with ease.

Automation and List Segmentation

Setting up workflows saves you a lot of time. Sending email based on triggers ensures the right email is sent to the right person.

Long Form Landing Pages

With little to no cost, a test campaign gives you real data to work with

Free Samples & Lead Magnets

The best way to collect emails and provide useful information is with bait. These can be reused and adapted to different needs.

Sign-Up Form to Collect Emails

Once you capture attention, the next step is to get them to sign-up to your newsletter.

Built with modern tools

Fast, responsive, and SEO driven pages get ranked on search engines. By running 24/7, you can rest assured your offers are easily accessible

How I Can Help You

If you want to make the most of your email list , and retain customers, I will help you:

Find the right sales message through test campaigns

Take out the guess work, and base your email marketing strategy on what works

Automate your emails by setting up workflows

A welcome sequence, abandoned cart, and lead nurturing emails go a long way to monetizing your list

Craft a unique look using Generative AI

In order to stand out from the crowd, avoid using stock images

All-In-One Database

The Digital AdKit

All your marketing material, email sequences, market research and artwork saved in one place.

Step 1: Market Research

Creating Avatars to better understand your target audience. Making a mailing list based on demographics and demand. Tracking sales by keying ads to find which ads and headlines work best.

Step 2: Formulate Strategy

Creating a Sales Funnel requires understanding how customers will find your offers, how they will pay. Basically the whole customer journey.

Step 3: Write Sales Letters & Headlines

Writing headlines and subject lines is the most important part of creating ads and emails. After that, the copy and illustrations for campaigns and landing pages.

Step 4: Send out test campaigns & collect data

By keying ads, you can get a better idea of what works, and what does not. This gives you more confidence in finding the best appeal to make the most sales.

Digital Adkit

Is it a good fit?:

You are not looking for a co-founder

You are already setup, but looking to expand your business, make more sales and retain customers

You have already have an email list (size does not matter)

If you feel like you could be doing more with your list, this is where I come in

You are open to trying a new approach

Testing campaigns is the way to true long lasting success. Being open to new ideas is important

You are an E-Commerce Brand

You have producs that are selling but not quite in the quantity you would like

You provide a service that solves a problem

It is important to you that you connect with your customers on a human level, and not simply as a dollar sign

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Some of my clients have worked at:


What people are saying

" Jay is very good at his work and very hard working. Always responsive. Would definitely work with him again. "


Landing page UI design

" Jay is very good at his work and very hard working. Always responsive. Would definitely work with him again. "


User Research for a new app

" Jay was great. Highly professional, fast and followed all the instructions. Would recommend. "


Landing page for a clothing brand

Sales letters

What To Expect

Below are 5 examples of sales letters to give you an idea of the style and content. Sales letters are powerful because they are versatile and DIRECT.

Grow Your Business By Reading: Sales Letters For Inspiration & Ideas!

Grab this FREE database of 62 direct response copy that have generated billions! Written by some of the greatest copywriters in advertising history.

How it will help you:

  1. Besides direct mail, a sales letter can be reused across multiple mediums like EMAIL, blogs, print ads, landing pages and even social media.
  2. Direct response clarifies your sales message which makes it more effective as a marketing tool
  3. A personalized & conversational approach can dramatically increases conversions because it feels more authentic
  4. All the essential elements of persuasion & copywriting are present in a sales letter such as proof, motive, facts, guarantees, etc.
  5. Direct response copy is like a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal
  6. Once a winning formula is found, a single letter can can be used for years, and generate more money than other marketing strategies combined

What You Get With The LettersDB

Stellar examples of direct response copy that combined have generated billions over decades!

A Notion database of direct mail, print ads, emails, and cover letters in an easy to use template.

Ability to create your own sales letter. Just click the blue NEW button! Plus you can modify, expand, and change the layout as you see fit.

Create unlimited pages at no cost!

A downloadable checklist for 10 sales letter essentials and 8 copywriting techniques to maximize results.

Periodic updates by email as new letters are added to the database, and deep-dives into direct response copywriting.


Making Your Life Easier

Automate where you can. Montitor what you must. These tools are powerful, feature-rich with minimal to no costs.

Email Service Providers

Gmail, Beehiiv, Mail Chimp, ConvertKit, etc.


A powerful and flexible tool to build internal docs, databases, and productivity systems.


For building landing pages that are content driven with great SEO.


Hosting is quick, easy and free for basic landing pages.


The code is stored on Github which means you can use different hosting platforms like Netlify or Cloudflare.

Generative AI Tools

Mid Journey is great for creating high quality digital art that can be tailored to your style and brand.


The classic and ubiquitous CMS used by millions of online businesses. Just let me know if you prefer a WordPress site and I will build one with WooCommerce.


For creating designs and ads for social media, and digital marketing that can be reused indefinitely.


Slack, Telegram, Discord etc. Whichever one works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a quesiton not covered here, feel free to send me an email

Will my sales hike because of an email marketing campaign?

Email has the best ROI of any digital medium because it can be personalized. With segmentation you can be sure that only people interested in a certain topic or product will receive the relevant emails. This can dramatically increase sales. Also make sure to use direct response copy--buttons and links to long form sales pages.

Should I buy an email list or build my own?

Buying an existing list is an attractive option if you want to make a quick buck. But it is risky because your offer may or may not be relevant to the audience. With that being said, the best kind of list by far is your own. Why? The people who sign-up to your email newsletter have shown interest and are more willing to buy from you in the near future.

What are the best kinds of subject lines?

A person's name is the most beautiful sound in any language. With emails you can personalize the subject lines to include the recepients name. Also, you want to capture attention by making a promise, highlighting a benefit, asking a question or arousing curiosity.

How often should I send emails?

There is no strict rule but as long as the content is relevant and you add value in your emails, people will read them if it benefits them or solves a problem. Some marketers send emails everyday, while other limit it to once a week. An automation sequence usually have several days between emails.

How do I prevent people from unsubscribing?

Always write something your audience cares about. If you sell info-products on fitness, it does not make any sense to send them emails on the latest Hollywood gossip. As long as the content is relevant, people will be interested in what you have to say.

How do I make sure my emails get delivered?

Use a trusted Email Service Provider like ConvertKit, Beehiiv, and MailerLite. Make sure every email has a unsubscribe option otherwise it might get tagged as spam. There is nothing worse than running a campaign only for it to end up in the junk folder.

How do I get people to read my emails?

It all comes down to bait. Offer something that reader cares about. Tell stories that are informative, entertaining and relevant. Use direct response copy to write persuasively using proven sales techniques based on science, not guesswork.

Are text based emails better or more graphic heavy ones?

Think about the emails you open no matter what. They are probably from friends and family and they read like a personal letter because they are. Same thing with an email campaign for your business. There is nothing wrong with using graphics but they are not critical to your marketing success.

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