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Dear Reader:

The barrier to building an online business has never been lower than it is today. There is an abundance of AI tools, templates and frameworks that seem to pop up every day on your social media feed.

But it can quickly become overwhelming without a sound marketing plan -- in other words a solid sales funnel.

Do you have something to sell?

If so, building your email list is the best investment of your time, energy and money you can make online.


  1. ‣ Do you own an online business and ship products to customers?
  2. ‣ Are you a housewife about to get a divorce who needs to generate cash quickly?
  3. ‣ Are you a writer who wants to promote your work to a bigger audience and retain readers for years to come?
  4. ‣ Are you a programmer who wants to sell more of your widgets, apps and software that makes peoples lives easier?
  5. ‣ Are you a chiropractor, doctor, or dentist who wants to see your schedule fill up like a balloon?
  6. ‣ Are you a roofer, plumber, or landscaper who makes a home more attractive on the outside and work properly on the inside?
  7. ‣ Are you a restaurant owner, sell fair-trade coffee, or make the best burgers in town and want to see your tables occupied with hungry customers?

You see, with direct response advertising, you can sell almost anything!

Email has the greatest ROI (average $36 for every dollar spent, across several industries, according to Hubspot).

Why? Because email is personal, it's automated and based on behavioral triggers. Which means you are only selling to people who have already expressed interest in your business, product or service. That's why they gave you their email!

However, to make email work, you will need a sales funnel which typically involves sales letters, small ads, landing pages and even scripts for video to promote your quality offers.

If making more money is what you are about, let's talk.

Dedicated to seeing you prosper,
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P.S. If you need help promoting your products or services using email and direct marketing, book a call to speak over video (no obligations or strings attached) or just send me an email. If you have an X account, feel free to send a message.

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