Terms of Service

Last updated: June 12, 2024

1. Summary

The Terms of Service refer to the specific agreements and expectations if you decide to work with me or purchase products either directly from me or on third party platforms such as Amazon. The Terms are subject to change without notice.

Please read them carefully and let me know if you have any questions by sending me an email. Here are the main takeaways:

1.1 Direct Response Copywriting: If you request copy, any agreement on price and payment methods will be discussed beforehand and a written proposal. This will include a fixed rate and/or a commission, and deliverables. You can find more information below related to copyright, project scope, and more.

1.2 Affiliates: On this site you will come across affiliates which are clearly labelled as such. Links will lead to external sites and each will have separate terms as set down by the respective parties.

1.3 Digital Products: If you purchase digital products, please read the sales letter to see if it’s something that you want. As for guarantees, these typically include a 7-30 day period.

1.4 Physical Products: If you purchase physical products like books, the terms will depend on the platform you purchased it on. Second hand books not listed on Amazon are subject to 7 day return policy in the same condition you received the item.

2. Direct Response Copywriting Service

This service is provided to parties interested in boosting their online sales and acquiring new customers using direct response techniques.

2.1 Definitions

The following terms associated with the Direct Response Copywriting Service will have the following meanings:

2.1.1: “Agreement” refers to the terms and conditions specified in this document and the proposal that will be sent to the Clients email for approval.

2.1.2: “Client” is the person(s) requesting copy for their website, email, landing pages, sales pages, print advertisements, or social media advertisements

2.1.3: “Copywriter” is the one supplying the copy, in this case that would be me. If another copywriter is added to the project, that will be made clear and with prior consent.

2.1.4: “Proposal” is the written agreement which includes project scope, deliverables, price, and royalties (if applicable)

2.1.5: “Intellectual Property Rights” is any trademarks, patents, slogans, taglines, music, images, artwork etc.

2.2 Scope of Work

Direct Response techniques can be applied to several mediums and requiring certain deliverables to be successful. Sometimes a single piece of copy can be adapted to the following mediums:

2.2.1: Web Pages such as websites, landing pages, sales pages can be short-form or long-form. It can be several pages or a single page as in the case of landing pages. Price will be determined according to length and number of pages. Deliverables include copy, artwork, icons, logos, and code (if applicable)

2.2.2 Email Marketing includes welcome sequences, transactional emails, newsletters and landing pages for lead magnets to opt-in and sign-up. The Client can suggest an Email Service Provider or the Copywriter can suggest one depending on the project requirements.

2.2.3: Social Media refers to small ads posted on X, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. These are usually limited in copy length but almost always include images to capture attention and get clicks from interested leads.

2.2.4: Print Advertisements in the form of postcards, sales letters, newspapers and magazines. Prices will depend on placement.

2.2.5: Client products, services, and offers must not contain or be used for any illegal activities. THe copywriter will not promote any hateful or illegal content. Please refer to the criminal code for Canada.

2.3 Payment Terms

2.3.1: Payment processors include Bitcoin, Stripe, Visa, MasterCard. Paypal is an option but as an alternative and last resort.

2.3.2: Fixed fee means that a set amount is determined in the proposal. Payment is only made once the deliverables (proof-of-work) is made. This means that no upfront costs are required. In some cases, like large projects, a commission will also be proposed. This will be determined on a per-project basis.

2.3.3: Commissions refers to royalties for each sale. This can range from 2-15% per sale. This can be exclusive or added to a fixed-fee service. This will be made clear in the proposal.

2.4.1: Copyright material includes logos, trademarks, patents, and taglines that have been claimed by the client or third parties relevant to the project.

2.4.2: Artwork created by the copywriter using AI is free to use by the client as he or she wishes. No royalties will be applied to this kind of artwork. Prompts will be provided if the client wishes to expand or rework the scene.

2.4.3: Any copywriting material supplied to the client by the copywriter is owned by the client if they publish it on their website or social media channels.

2.4.3: The copywriter can use the same copy to publish on his social media or website to promote services or add traffic to the the clients business.

2.5 Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

2.5.1: All private communications using email, phone/video conversations are confidential and will not be released to the public

2.5.2: Non-Disclosure agreements will be determined on a per-project basis. In the case an NDA is issued, all requirements will be adhered to in the given time-frame, be it limited or unlimited.

2.6 Revisions and Approval Process

2.6.1: Test Campaigns require revisions which can be made at the copywriters discretion to increase traffic, clicks. This is based on data collected on social media platforms which have built-in analysis tools for this purpose.

2.6.2: Revisions to copy can be requested by the client and the copywriter is obligated to make them in a reasonable time-frame. There are no limits to how many revisions but they must be significant. Minor errors like spelling mistakes or grammar do not count as revisions, simply quality control.

2.6.3: The client has the right to approve or disapprove any copy sent their way. Once approved, the copywriter will use the copy as is and make revisions if necessary.

2.6.4: The client must be willing to experiement and be open to new ideas from the copywriter. This is in order to maximize the effectiveness of a campaign. Results are stifled if experimentation is limited or new ideas are discarded without consideration.

2.7 Termination and Dispute Resolution

2.7.1: The copywriter has the right to cancel any agreement if the client expresses views and opinions that are harmful or disrespectful and vice-versa.

2.7.2: The client has the right to cancel if they feel the service provided is not to their liking. If this happens before any payments are made, there is no loss.

2.7.3: If disagreements arise after payments are made, both client and copywriter can seek legal council to determine the best course of action.

2.7.4: If the service rendered by the copywriter does not increase business for the client, new material will be suggested to rectify the situation. This is why test campaigns and experimentation are very important so that situations like these can be avoided.

2.7.5: The copywriter is not liable to any losses of business, opportunity, or profits related to activities conducted by the client. This means that if the client expresses opinions on social media or their own website in their own words and as a result lose business, they are solely responsible.

3. Products

The “seller” refers to the site owner and “buyer” is anyone who uses a link to purchase a product. The following conditions will apply:

3.1 Physical

3.1.1: Second hand Books are subject to a 30-day guarantee by the seller. Reasons for returns must be along the lines of damaged products, or dissatisfaction of the item.

3.1.2: Books bought through affiliate links are subject to the terms and conditions related to the service provider. Any and all links to affiliate websites are provided at the end of this document.

3.1.3: Other affiliate products that are physical in nature such as hardware, are subject to the terms and conditions. Please read them carefully for more information.

3.2 Digital

3.2.1: Digital products created with Notion and bought through Stripe, Open Node or Gumroad are subject to a 14-day guarantee if the buyer is unhappy with the purchase.

4. Use of AI

4.1. Mid Journey

4.1.1: AI is used in conjunction with the Direct Response Copywriting service. All artwork comes without any royalties and can be used freely by the client or the public provided it is not used to promote illegal substances or to commit crimes.

4.1.2: Prompts will also be provided in some cases or by request for modification.

4.1.3: If using AI generated images on this site is used for illegal activities, the copywriter has the right to terminate any contract/agreement with the client.

5. Third Party Platforms:

The following platforms are used on this website to promote affiliate product or services. Please read their Terms and Conditions carefully before using the platform.

5.1 Amazon

5.2 Stripe

5.3 Open Node

5.4 Gumroad

5.5 MailerLite

6. Contact

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, you can contact me:

6.1: By email: [email protected]

6.2: By phone: 613-320-2007