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Dear Peace-keeper:

In 1956, a conflict erupted between Egypt and the combined forces of Britain, France and Israel.

The source of the conflict?

The Suez Canal: an engineering marvel but also a choke-point for global commerce.

It began when Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian President, decided to nationalize the canal and control its operation.

But Britain would not tolerate any disruption to oil shipments from Asia to the British Isles—a move that threated to cripple it’s already weakened economy following the end of the Second World War. In short, the British Empire was in decline and sought to stay afloat with international trade agreements. The situation during the Suez Crisis became increasingly tense because Britain had not relayed its intentions to the US and Canada. This created a major rift between the two nations.

It was in the midst of this global conflict in which Canada lead the way to peacekeeping missions known around the world.

When diplomacy failed at the UN, a change of tactics was in order which led to the creation of the UNEFthe first peacekeeping force. Lester B. Pearson was the first to suggest a task force for the singular purpose of maintaining peace in conflict zones, negotiating ceasefires, clearing landmines, patrolling buffer zones, investigating war crimes, helping refugees, and providing humanitarian aid.

On November 6, a ceasefire was negotiated and the UNEF led by a Canadian general E.L.M Burns, entered the canal area and helped to safely withdraw British, French and Israeli forces. A contingent of supply and logistics was then put in place to maintain the peace.

For this peaceful and successful resolution of a tense situation, Lester Pearson was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1957— and it also cemented Canada’s leading role as peacekeepers.

Canada has contributed at least 125,000 personnel to peacekeeping initiatives around the world. But you are probably well aware that human conflict has remained consistent in the Middle East, Africa and Asia since the formation of the UN in 1945.

The CAF relies on top military grade operational equipment to maintain their reputation as peacekeepers.

At Rampart, you get the largest selection of firearms, accessories like scopes, ammunition, medical equipment, clothing, electro optics and duty equipment like helmets.

There are more than 500 brands to choose from and 50,000 unique products. You might already be familiar with Glock, Spirit Wolf, Camelbak which have cemented their reputation as makers of quality fire arms and accessories, and field equipment. See the entire tactical brand index here.

No soldier would go into battle with faulty equipment. The consequences of a jammed rifle could be catastrophic. You know that under intense pressure in conflict zones, you don’t have the time to fix your weapons.

At Rampart, chances are good that you will find products to fit any peacekeeping and combat scenarios.

But if on the off-chance you have unique requirements or don’t see what you are looking for, contact a specialist today to get assistance.

Will you upgrade your equipment today before you bring peace to a region torn by conflict?

Sincerely, Jay Khan Logo Jay Khan

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