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Why Direct Mail Still Works In The Social Media Age

By combining digital and print media, your marketing efforts prove more effective



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Dear Business Owner:

You might be wondering if print-on-demand is still profitable.

Drive downtown and you will see print advertising everywhere.  Billboards, posters, outdoor signs, window notices, restaurant menus. When you check your mail, you will still see an assortment of advertising and marketing material.

Letters sent by post are not immediately discarded—especially if it’s from a publication or someone you know.

On the other hand, digital media is like a fast-flowing river, in which stories and media flow past in the feed like a torrent—easily forgotten in the rush.

So that begs the question: how do you cement your brand in the memory banks of your target audience?

By creating a lasting impression with integrated marketing: combining digital campaigns with tactile print material sent to those who express more interest.

Using all the senses creates memorable marketing. It has a greater emotional resonance. Most importantly—people remember it.

Canada Post conducted a study on integrated marketing (combining digital and print) and found the following results:

People paid 39 per cent more attention to integrated campaigns than to pure digital campaigns, and consumers had 40 per cent higher brand recall when direct mail followed email. People like marketing that is tactile because it takes 21 per cent less mental effort to process direct mail and it prompts a 20 per cent higher motivation response than digital.

You see, even in the digital marketing age, direct mail never went away.

Existing mailing lists are still highly profitable. By mixing-and-matching digital media with print, existing customers have something physical to hold on to.

Print advertising is also highly dependant on market research to minimize costs. Targeted and segmented mailing lists can increase response rates from postcards at 4.4% as compared to digital at 0.4%.

The low rate on digital response can be attributed to ad-blockers and the saavy tech users who get annoyed at the sheer amount of ads trying to sell them something.

It is expensive to win new customers.

Selling to those who have already bought from you is a surefire way of generating business. It can be inspiring and persuasive in ways digital media is not.

Print Three uses the latest in print technology on a national scale.

Commercial or industrial-grade printers that are designed to handle large volume printing with higher speed and quality. Examples include digital printers, offset printers, and wide-format printers.

These state-of-the-art printers are meticulously maintained and calibrated to the millimetre. It can handle large billboard sized jobs in a few hours.

Feel free to drop by the downtown Ottawa location to see them for yourself!

If you are mailing thousands of sales letters, Print Three handles the packaging so all you have to do is pick-up and mail.

All it takes to get started is to get a quote on the website for what you need printed.  You can print everything from business cards, billboards, direct mail, posters, documents, manuals, postcards and more.

If your print request is running late, you will be notified well in advance.

While Print Three makes sure every piece of material is printed to the highest standards, on rare occasions there might appear faded texture where the ink ran dry. In order to sniff out these anomalies, the staff will flip through booklets and print material to see if this is the case. In this situation, a new copy is issued at no risk to you.

Print Three has a reputation for as little friction as possible—from the moment you upload your files on the website to delivery or pick-up of the printed material.

Would you write off tested and proven methods for advertising and client retention?

It is a complete waste of time and money for your business to merely write blogs and post on social media about your business hoping it will gain traction. It is like walking blindy on the street. You are sure to bump into others and fall into a manhole without a data map.

Will you start applying tested and proven advertising methods today? It could very well be the key to your success on a level you had not imagined before.

Use this link to upload files and get a quote and a pick-up or delivery date.

Sincerely, Jay Khan Logo Jay Khan

P.S. Print Three Ottawa is open 5 days a week, 8am-4pm on 220 Laurier Ave W, Ottawa. The downtown Ottawa location makes it convenient and accessible to businesses. Drop by anytime during office hours to say “Hi” to the friendly staff.