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Get Ahead Of The Curve: Use Bitcoin & NOSTR For E-Commerce

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Plebeian Market

Dear Bitcoiner:

How would you like to be part of a revolutionary movement in online commerce?

One that takes the power and speed of the Internet and combines it with the hardest money ever discovered?

This is exactly what you are getting if you set-up a Bitcoin Stall.

**Plebeian Market **is not like other e-commerce stores. Everything is in your control, especially your funds. They provide you with a platform for free, and a marketplace to chat directly with other sellers right in the app!

Perhaps you have gone the mainstream route, where the fees are high, customer service is poor and your money is sitting in escrow waiting to be deposited into your bank account.

What if I told you that you can get paid instantly at the speed of Lightning?

You keep the fruits of your labours while selling your products directly to your customers.

But why should you set-up a stall on the P2P model:

  • Secure and maturing: after 15 years, the Bitcoin protocol is running as expected. It has escaped the gravitational pull of traditional commerce and is virtually impossible to hack by any entity. The amount of energy required is astronomical!

  • Growing adoption: Everyday, new users are being orange-pilled because they are seeing the benefits and use-cases of Bitcoin.

  • Global reach: Bitcoin is an Internet native currency. Anyone with a connection can send and receive bitcoin without permission. No cross-border hiccups or fees.

  • Lowest cost payments: With lightning, you pay less than a cent for transactions! Keep in mind the Bitcoin Lightning layer is still relatively new and improvements are being made as you read this.

  • Instant settlements: If you use a Lightning wallet such as BlueWallet, you get paid directly and in a matter of seconds. No more legacy infrastructure to go through.

  • Built for scale: If you have been paying attention to the Bitcoin news, you will undoubtedly have heard about scalability issues—but with layer 2 solutions like lightning, liquid and others, that is a thing of the past!

  • Micro-transactions: Since Bitcoin can be broken down into smaller units, called Satoshis, you can pay for small items using your Lightning wallet with little to no fees.

  • Open Source: The code for Bitcoin, NOSTR, and Plebeian Market is available for the public to inspect. This ensures robust security because anyone can find vulnerabilities, not just core developers.

  • Censorship resistance: NOSTR by its very design cannot be censored. By adding and removing relays, you choose which stream you want to be a part of and interact with content that resonates with you.

  • Decentralization: Bitcoin and NOSTR were designed with decentralization from the start. There are 18,901 Bitcoin nodes and anyone can run a NOSTR relay. A grassroots movements indeed!

  • Privacy: Bitcoin and NOSTR are inherently pseudonymous—meaning only public keys are known. As long as you hold the private keys, your identity is safe.

The appeal for this business model is becoming more obvious by the day. Consider how the prevailing monetary system is designed in a way that makes your hard earned dollars become worthless over time.

A hard currency like Bitcoin does not devalue.  Sure, the price is volatile, but so is the stock market.  If you want to plan for the future, you must set your foundations strong.

You must build it using sound money technology.

A Bitcoin Stall is different from other online stores and platforms.  While traditional commerce takes place through intermediaries, direct P2P cash is a relatively new model made possible with Bitcoin. Where previous attempts at digital cash have failed, it was due their centralized nature that resulted in their collapse.

If you go the home page for Plebeian Market, you will see a variety of physical products like hand-crafted art, home-made food, Bitcoin mining rigs, memory sticks, metal sheets to backup your Bitcoin seed, and 3D QR codes—just to name a few.

And all made by Plebs. It’s like shopping locally—on a global scale!

Plus you have the option of choosing which shipping works for you if you are a seller or buyer.  Disputes and returns can be negotiated directly.

Small business owners will find this direct approach a better way of building a genuine connection with their customers.  And remember, people will not spend their Bitcoin on useless products.

Once you have set-up a stall, you can start chatting in the marketplace which is running on NOSTR. This is where free will is built-in. Meaning you decide what content is displayed. No more algorithms to distract you from what matters. You can post content as many times, with as many words as you like.

You can build up your store to _as many products as you want. _ It takes maybe 10 minutes to set-up a stall.

And it’s completely FREE to join!

Will you start today and be part the e-commerce revolution?

Sincerely, Jay Khan Logo Jay Khan

P.S.  If you already have NOSTR keys, you can login and start uploading your products in less than a minute! Add your Bitcoin Lightning Wallet address and get paid directly.