Boost Team Morale By Sending Members Tokens Of Appreciation

This FREE web and mobile app makes it quick-and-easy to send gifts like coffee, wine, and bakery to your co-workers and friends.




Dear Entrepreneur:

Do you remember the time when you received a gift, for your birthday, for graduation, or a promotion?  Do you recall how happy you felt in the moment that someone thought of you and spent money to make you smile?

In the workplace, the atmosphere can get tense between colleagues. Or your employees can turn cold when they feel unappreciated for their work.  They might consider leaving for a more lucrative position if they get the chance.  Perhaps they are already planning it.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur who needs your team together. Or you want to limit turn-over rate at your company.

How can you keep your best employees, or co-workers to stay?

By expressing your gratitude for their efforts, their expertise, and their insight.  By sending them small tokens of appreciation in the form of beer, wine, chocolate, pastries, gift cards, or other physical items.

Appreci is an app that you can download for FREE on your phone or add to your work group chats as a widget such as Microsoft Teams.

While showing gratitude may sound like a minor detail or expense, the psychological effects are enormous!

A leader knows that he or she is only as good as the team they are a part of.  Without a solid team who appreciate each others work, there is no chance of a launching a business—let alone maintaining one.

Send the head of HR their favourite cheese cake and a nice note saying that without them, there would be no pile of resumes to sort through.

SIGN-UP today for free using this link.

Will you put a smile on someones face today?

Sincerely, Jay Khan Logo Jay Khan

P.S. You can also send your customers gifts as well! Not only will they remember it, your reputation for great customer service will precede you in the business world! Sign-up today for FREE.