April 19, 2024

Made By Jay

Plot your TV pilot or Feature Film using this flexible Notion template

Create UNLIMITED beats, characters, manuscripts, and storyboard panels

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Dear Screenwriter:

Before you pitch your exciting new action adventure story to a studio executive–you must plan and write your script.

Alfred Hitchcock once said

To make a great film you need three things - the script, the script, the script

You see, when you start writing a script, there are thousands of ideas, notes, outlines, backstories and research that goes into writing a screenplay.

How do you keep track of it all?

Notebooks can get lost, damaged or worse–stolen. Simple note taking software can run to hundreds of pages with limited options for sorting and filtering information. It is easy to get lost or overwhelmed in all that.

The ScreenwriterOS at its core breaks a screenplay down into beats. This was inspired by Hollywood writers rooms where beats are written on 3x5 inch index cards and pinned to a board.

Digitally, you can create as many beats as you want and rearrange them in a similar fashion as index cards. With the built-in filtering and sorting features of Notion, you can sort the beats into different acts, and connect them to other databases like characters, storyboard and manuscripts.

You can also change, expand, remove or add entirely new databases—at no extra cost!

To cover all the bases that go into writing and selling a screenplay, the following databases are included in this template:

  1. Beats: scenes that move the story along. 7 beats to an act is a good goal.
  2. Characters: who is the protagonist? The antagonist? List them here, and assign them archetypes.
  3. Manuscripts: All your drafts. Multiple revisions are inevitable. Keep track of them here.
  4. Storyboard: add your images here to share with other members of your project.
  5. Writing Sessions: a digital writers room. Pompodoro clocks for focused writing. Add your team members and they will be notified.
  6. References: historical, stories, pieces of news, articles, blogs, books, videos and plays.
  7. Archetypes: 10 common archetypes are provided but feel free to add your own.
  8. The Hero’s Journey: the story of humanity—timeless and full of wisdom, retold endlessly like the seasons.
  9. Letters: for when you are ready to share your script with producers, agents and directors.

Once you have finished writing your manuscript for your TV Pilot or Feature Film, you now have to get it read. This could be for script doctors, producers, agents, other screenwriters and film directors. Writing them an email is the fastest and most cost-effective way.

Keep a list of agents and producers whom you want to contact and track the status of your inquiries. If someone bites, share this template with them via email so that they can get a 360 view of your story.

By purchasing this template not for $79, or $50–but just $25 you will have lifetime access, and you also get 100% money back if you don’t like it within 30 days–what’s more you can keep the template and continue to use it! However you won’t receive updates such as screenwriting content, news on contests and new additions to the database, sample screenplay breakdowns and more.

Prepare your screenplay well and maybe one day you will sit down in a theater with your friends and family and a large bucket of buttered popcorn to watch your story on the big screen.

Use this link to grab your copy.

Sincerely, Jay Khan Signature Jay Khan

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