April 15, 2024


Extend Your MIND For Greater Productivity

Create UNLIMITED databases and documentation based on YOUR needs


Notion Affiliate

Dear Entrepreneur:

How many tabs do you have open in your browser right now?

If you feel overwhelmed with all the software tools you have to learn and multi-task, cutting down on unnecessary tools will help alleviate the amount of small tasks you have to do.

Notion is for productivity, documentation, portfolios, and marketing material all in one! What’s more, you decide exactly what you need, and build the layout the way you want.

Being limited to how a page is designed, built and presented leads to a bad user experience.

The flexibility, and easy-to-publish makes Notion a powerful software where you can start sharing with the world with a single click. With cross-platform and device capabilities, you can be sure to update information as you go. And to use it, you don’t have to pay a cent forever! Only pay for advanced features, if you need them.

But why should you try Notion now, if you haven’t already?

For the following reasons:

  1. Unlimited pages to create as many documents, blogs as you want without spending a dime.
  2. Mobile app for instant synchronization
  3. AI capabilities to help you write faster
  4. Unlimited databases to build complex backends using nifty formulas, adding properties and different ways of presenting data.
  5. Add images, YouTube links, website embeds
  6. Measure productivity by creating a schedule and task list unique to you instead of working around an existing software unfamiliar to you
  7. Tailor the layout to how you want it. The software will automatically adjust it for different sizes.
  8. Add your own domain if you prefer a non-keyed URL (for security)

Start your journey now by creating an account. It is completely free to use!

You can even use the AI features for 30 days to see what all the fuss is about. Try writing that story you had in mind by using prompts. You might find that it unblocks the dam and the words will pour out more easily, or you might decide it’s better to write it yourself.

But if you are already familiar with Notion or wish to make the leap, use this affiliate link to sign-up for advanced features. If you decide the advanced features are not for you, simply use this cancellation link to unsubscribe within 30 days you will get your money back.

Respectfully, title Jay Khan

P.S. A Powerful Publishing Platform that lets you build custom web pages for documentation, blog, databases–increase productivity, reduce the number of software tools in your arsenal, and spend no money to build as many pages as you want! Only pay for advanced features.