Grow Your Business By Reading: Sales Letters For Inspiration & Ideas!

Grab this FREE database of 62 direct response copy that have generated billions! Written by some of the greatest copywriters in advertising history.

How it will help you:

  1. Besides direct mail, a sales letter can be reused across multiple mediums like EMAIL, blogs, print ads, landing pages and even social media.
  2. Direct response clarifies your sales message which makes it more effective as a marketing tool
  3. A personalized & conversational approach can dramatically increases conversions because it feels more authentic
  4. All the essential elements of persuasion & copywriting are present in a sales letter such as proof, motive, facts, guarantees, etc.
  5. Direct response copy is like a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal
  6. Once a winning formula is found, a single letter can can be used for years, and generate more money than other marketing strategies combined

What You Get With The LettersDB

Stellar examples of direct response copy that combined have generated billions over decades!

A Notion database of direct mail, print ads, emails, and cover letters in an easy to use template.

Ability to create your own sales letter. Just click the blue NEW button! Plus you can modify, expand, and change the layout as you see fit.

Create unlimited pages at no cost!

A downloadable checklist for 10 sales letter essentials and 8 copywriting techniques to maximize results.

Periodic updates by email as new letters are added to the database, and deep-dives into direct response copywriting.