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From Direct Response To Direct Payments: How Bitcoin Is Changing E-Commerce

A peer-to-peer business model

A peer-to-peer business model

Dear Bitcoiner and Online Business Owner:

We are seeing a major shift in online commerce happening before our eyes. Imagine not having to deal with credit card fees, or worry about international exchange rates.

Bitcoin is a native Internet currency that is empowering business owners to build their online store on sound money technology.

And once you experience the mind-expanding idea that is Bitcoin, there is no going back.

Do we need middlemen or third parties to manage our funds?

Bitcoin and Direct Marketing work well together in a peer-to-peer context.

Selling direct-to-the-user is a tested and proven business model if you are a manufacturer. And if you want repeat customers, they will trust you more because you are not a “souless corporation” but a real human providing real value.

Running your business on a Bitcoin standard with direct response techniques brings the following benefits to your financial health:

  • By marketing your products and services directly to your customer, you form a stronger connection with your audience. They will be more willing to buy from you again if you provide value.

  • Payments are faster and cheaper using layer two options like Lightning or Liquid.

  • No one can stop a direct payment from happening.

  • Credit cards interest payments can be substantial when you taken on a lot of debt. By using Bitcoin, you are not dealing with bank fees.

  • Cross border payments are time-consuming and have higher fees, but with Bitcoin there is no such barrier.

  • With self-custody, only you have access to your funds. You are your own bank but that also means you take on the responsibility of managing your funds

  • Your direct payment system is running on sound money technology, not fiat which is continaully losing value over time.

  • Bitcoin can’t be tampered with because it uses cryptography and code to keep the system running without interference

  • The quality of the products must be high for people to spend their Bitcoin. The incentive is to save and only buy products or services that are deemed useful. Frivoulous spending is a fiat phenomenon.

  • Low-time preference means you focus on what matters—creating quality products and services.

  • Bitcoin is highly liquid, meaning it’s faster to move dollars from one account to another

  • Hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to wallets and payment servers. And more are being developed every day!

Your econonmic energy should belong only to you. Third parties can cut you off from your funds if you express opinions or support a cause contrary to their policies.

We saw this with the Trucker Convoy in 2020. Regardless of your stance on the matter, closing bank accounts was an over-reach by the Trudeau government which no sovereign citizen can tolerate.

Or consider this: a man wanted to take out $5000 dollars to give to a friend. The bank refused his request and would not (or could not) give him his money. This happened in Canada. We know this because he filmed the interaction and posted it on social media.

More and more of these stories are popping up on the internet.

If everyone decided to take their money out of the bank tomorrow, the whole system would collapse because the banks don’t have the money.

Perhaps you have seen news of banks going under: Silicon Valley Bank ($209 Billion), and First Republic Bank ($229 Billion) in the past few months.

Opt-out and start building your future on a sound money technology designed to give you back your time.

By delaying, you will be playing catch-up for the rest of your life because of non-stop inflation. As prices keep rising, you have to earn more just to break even.

If you are ready to take back control of your finances, create a FREE account with Open Node. You can create payment links for your products and services and get paid directly in Bitcoin. You can share the links on your website or social media. It only takes a few mintues to set-up.

Will you start today?

Sincerely Yours, Jay Khan Logo Jay Khan

P.S. Use Open Node to sell your products and get paid with Bitcoin. It’s completely free to use and the intuitive UI will feel familiar to you. They even plan on adding it to Stripe if you already have an account there. This will expand your ability to offer more payment options to your customers.

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