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This Spring in Montréal--The BIGGEST Bitcoin Conference in Canada

You will get the chance to network with writers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, economists, artists and programmers.

You will get the chance to network with writers, CEO's, entrepreneurs, economists, artists and programmers.

Dear Friend:

Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation? How does owning Bitcoin increase your purchasing power?

You will find answers to these questions at the largest Bitcoin Conference in Canada, this May from 16th–18th in Montreal. Join us as we navigate the troubled waters of monetary policy. The benefits of self-custody are of paramount importance because financial freedom is on the line. This was brought to light in 2022 with the suspension of bank accounts of those who participated in the Freedom Convoy.

But despite the market crashes and civil unrest, the Bitcoin network is alive and well after running continuously for 15 years. Layer 2 payment rails (lightning, liquid) are offering light-speed service. There are now hundreds of easy to use apps for mobile wallets, games, online stores, plugins and more.

By going to this conference you will understand why Bitcoin is the future of commerce. Direct Peer-to-Peer transactions. This is quite common on NOSTR, a decentralized social media protocol that operates without censorship and allows you to ZAP small amounts of bitcoin called SATOSHI in a matter of seconds.

Taking all this into consideration–there is a lot to talk about! At this conference you will find yourself networking with writers, economists, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, artists, and programmers. If meeting them in person sounds like a good use of your time and money, read on.

The City of Festivals

Known for its beautiful parks, technology hub, coffee shops, and of course the exquisite music and food, you will see what makes Montreal a great city for hosting a conference.

Walking through the Plateau/Mile-End neighbourhoods, you will find the incredible Leonard Cohen Mural on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, the meandering paths of Parc La Fontaine, and the contagious festival-like atmosphere that permeates the city. Grab a hot plate of Quebecs’ iconic food–Poutine, sit down at a park to enjoy a delicious meal and perhaps even listen to live music while you eat.

And do not be startled if you come across a film crew shooting a scene while you are walking on the streets! That happens from time to time.

Topics and Guest Speakers

Below is a sample list of 8 topics that will be discussed at the Rialto Theatre over the course of 2 days (you can find the full list HERE):

  1. The Moral Imperative of Bitcoin with Francis Pouliot
  2. Energy Abundance & the Canadian Potential with Ryan MacLeod, Sue Ennis & Juan Carlos Oviedo Cepeda
  3. CBDCs and self-custody rights in Canada with Daniela Cambone, Saifedean Ammous, Didier Lavellee, Dave Bradley, Brad Mills
  4. Getting off a Fiat Standard in Canada with Scott Dedals
  5. Bitcoin for Content Creators with Joe Nakamoto, Julian Figueroa, Isabella Santos, Nico Moran, Ben Perrin
  6. Local Circular Economies: Education, adoption, lifeblood of local economies with Laserman
  7. Jesus is a Bitcoiner with Adam O’ Brien
  8. What happened to the Bitcoin Donation for the Freedom Convoy with Cedric Yongleman, Caribou, BJ Dichter, Ben Perrin

One of the attendees from last year had this to say about the first conference,

It was an intimate conference. It was easy to meet and talk with fellow bitcoiners. The speakers were great and the enthusiasm was high.

But that is not all!

You can learn how to mine your own Bitcoin in a workshop hosted by D-Central–a Canadian company. They specialize in Bitcoin mining gear, such as the Bitaxe Ultra: a small, compact miner. Equipped with the powerful BM1366 ASIC chip, it boasts an impressive hashrate of 500 GH/s, positioning you at the forefront of the competitive mining arena.

This workshop has two options from 1pm-4pm, or 5pm-8pm on the 16th of May. You will be provided a laptop, soldering iron, an ASIC chip, power supply and the Bitaxe PCB Board on location. The instructors are there to help you step-by-step. You will learn:

  • How Bitcoin mining works
  • How to solder the Bitaxe board and the BM1366 chip
  • How to flash the firmware on the ESP32 microcontroller
  • How to connect your miner to your WiFi network and your mining pool
  • Monitor and adjust the power, temperature and voltage of your miner
  • How to troubleshoot common issues and errors

This workshop is open to people of all skill levels. There are only a handful of spots left, so make sure to grab your tickets before they are all gone!

Get Your Tickets

The full conference (2 days + Mining Workshop) is $620, but you have the option of attending either for 2 days (Conference only) at $335 or a single day (Friday or Saturday) for $175. However, if you are only interested in the Mining Workshop, that will be $300. If you purchase tickets but can’t make it for any reason, you can easily transfer them to a friend. We are unable to offer refunds as we approach the event in less than 4 weeks time.

Grab your tickets now using this link. It will take you to the official website with a secure checkout. Act now while you are reading this letter! Don’t take the chance of missing out on meeting Bitcoiners from around the world.

We hope to see you there.

Till then, title Jay Khan

P.S. This Spring-the BIGGEST Bitcoin Conference in Canada is taking place in the beautiful city of Montreal. Grab your tickets for the annual event here. 5 options for a FULL Conference (with workshop), 2-day (conference only), 1-day (Friday or Saturday), or Open Source Mining Workshop only. You will get the chance to hear prominent Bitcoiners speak, network with entrepreneurs, CEO’s, small business owners, artists, programmers, make new friends and enjoy a pleasant festival-like atmosphere.

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