What Would You Do To Escape The Rat Race?

Digital technology enables anyone with an internet connection to build the life of their dreams. I use it to advertise products and services that make an impact on peoples lives for the better.


Three Skills to build an online business

The ability to work from anywhere, without a boss, and no earning cap.

Direct Response Copywriting

By far the most effective and result driven form of copywriting. Studying the past masters of the craft is the best way to level up your advertising efforts.

Graphic Design

I started my career as a graphic designer, but soon realized I needed to expand my skill set to really make an impact.

Building Web Pages

The Internet has levelled the playing field and anyone can get started, without permission and with little to no cost.

Seminal Moments

A Brief History

A database of marketing material, an email sequence and market research all in one place.

1989: Birth

In the western portion of the Himalayas known as Kashmir, is where my journey in life began. Known for its enchanting valleys and snow-capped mountains.

2001: First Live Concert

I still remember the first time I saw a live Rock n' Roll performance like it was yesterday. It was a Beatles cover band, and my life changed forever.

2003: Moving To Canada

Becoming a Canadian Citizen brought new opportunities and challenges. I plan on travelling coast to coast to experience the natural beauty of Canada.

2020: Learning About Bitcoin

I never understood the prevailing monetary system until I started learning about Bitcoin. It opened my eyes to how the world actually works.

Digital Adkit


The followingindustries are ones I am most familiar with

They say 'write what you know' but once you understand consumer psychology and how to persuade people to buy, you can sell anything.


Online stores run 24/7 and make you money while you sleep. Direct Response techniques help you stand out from the crowd and build a real connection with your buyers.

Direct Marketing

Every business needs copywriters. This could be in the form of a website, a sales page, landing page, video sales letter, email, and blogs.


The Bitcoin industry is expanding rapidly. New businesses are adopting the hardest money known to humanity. One that cannot be debased or inflated.


As a musician myself, I understand what attracts music lovers and how to promote artists through online channels like social media. websites and email.


Whether it is the big screen or small, stories have a captivating power that stay with us long after we have watched a movie or TV show. Plus streaming has made it easier than ever to access.


In Canada the Cannabis industry is massive. The popularity of this ancient medicinal herb has only icnreased with shops popping up everywhere.

Core values

I learnt these from an ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu. The Tao Te Ching has been a constant source of spiritual nourishment that somehow always feels fresh. It is like an old friend who gives you crystal clear advice that is timeless and profoundly deep.

  • 1


    Understanding people requires compassion for their struggles, dreams, hopes and fears. This is the only way to be a better copywriter.

  • 2


    Complicated processes are unecessary and waste a lot of time and money. By sticking to fundamentals and basics, you gain more than you lose.

  • 3


    By keeping an open mind and learning continuously, you improve your situation in life and attract the right people.

Long-term Goals

Build a personal brand and selling products and services online is the way to real wealth and prosperity.

  • 10K/month Minimum

    In sales for online products and services. Using automation and direct response techniques to send out campaigns to retain customers and make an impact.

  • Creative Arts

    Storytelling is the most powerful form of communication. I have always enjoyed reading and watching stories. Because of this, I have been working on a screenplay that I hope to finish this year.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    With a solid foundation in direct response, it is possible to sell anything. I plan on working with others to sell courses, books, digital and physical products using email and sales pages.

The Khan Letter

Updates, articles, and NEW offers for direct response copywriting, storytelling, music, and technology.