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April 13, 2024

Made By Jay

Use these 8 databases to build your Test Campaigns and maximize your sales results with EMAIL.

This FREE EDITION contains samples of 100 proven headlines, 1 direct response sales letter, and 3 generative AI images with prompts.

Digital AdKit

Dear Business Owner, CEO, and Entrepreneur,

The tricky part of any advertising campaign is to find the right appeal. The consequences of pursuing the wrong appeal are countless hours and money wasted. To avoid this fate, running test campaigns is the best way to start when you have a new offer to promote. It pays you to understand your customer first.

And as a business owner, your email list is your most valuable asset.

Maintaining a connection with your audience is easier when you automate your emails—instead of working 16 hour days, you can work 4.

And if you are just starting out, running test campaigns costs nothing, while changing your fortunes dramatically in a matter of weeks instead of months.

One of the most influential copywriters of the 20th century, Claude Hopkins wrote in Scientific Advertising,

The man who wins out and survives does so only because of superior science and strategy..

The following 8 databases are a way to build a superior strategy and maximize your results with direct response copy:

  1. Tests - Keyed Ads that combine all the elements below. Measure your sales results, and determine which headlines seem to be getting the most inquiries and you have a winning ad which can be repeated.
  2. Avatar - WHO are you writing to? A persona, your target audience, a prospect, a lead
  3. Mailing lists - Niche markets, email lists, and direct mail if feel it works in your favour
  4. Headlines - Writing headlines is 50% of the work. Do not skip this step by any means!
  5. Copy - Sales letters, emails, stories, captions for all types of advertising
  6. Assets - For artwork, print ads, Generative AI images, etc.
  7. Web Pages - Landing pages, sales pages, e-stores that make it super easy to buy or download your offer. A sign-up form to collect emails is a necessary component.
  8. Offers - The products or services that you are offering for a price or for free. Samples make it easier to get a response.

Included are sample ads that you can copy or discard. Prompts for generative AI art are also provided in the assets database. Plus there are 20 examples of famous headlines for inspiration and reference.

The sooner you start runing test campaigns, the sooner the cash register will ring and deposits will be made into your bank account.

Bookmark this link as a reference if you don’t have a Notion account, or you can make one for FREE and create as many pages and databases as you want. If you decide to duplicate the page, you can change the layout as well.

This product is completely free to use and modify. If you have questions or comments, please send them to [email protected].

Made with dedication,


Jay Khan

P.S. Create a test campaign using these 8 databases and measure which appeal works best to maximize your sales results. The Digital AdKit covers market research, direct response copywriting, assets, headlines and offers. FREE to duplicate. Grab a copy HERE.